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KS1 Multi-Sports - Trust Event

The children took part in a variety of sports for 30 minutes each including the following: Hockey, Dodgeball, Tri-golf, Football, Tennis and Fitness.

  • Hockey - The children practised dribbling, shooting and passing the ball to one another.

  • Dodgeball - The children caught and threw the dodgeball and also did some target throwing. They then took part in a game of dodgeball using a points system.

  • Tri-golf - The children practised some putting to a distance marker and then putting to a target. They finally did some chipping using velcro balls onto a target.

  • Football - The children practised dribbling and shooting.

  • Tennis - The children practised balancing the balls on the rackets then attempted to rally the ball across the net to one another.

  • Fitness - The children participated in a variety of fitness skills including skipping jumping and running.

The children all participated with their greatest efforts and put the skills they had learnt in P.E. lessons and after school clubs into good practice. Our Year 6 Sports Leaders also went along to help lead the events and did an outstanding job. Great effort all round!



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