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By Niamh Tomlinson- Year 10, Painsley College.

This week I’ve had the opportunity to watch the Belgrave Year 6 leavers show- “All Dahl’d Up”. The show has been a work in the making since May this year with rehearsals starting in June and used some of the most popular books written by British author Roald Dahl to create one captivating storyline of school children’s adventures. The books included were Matilda, The Witches, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, The BFG, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Twits.

From not attending the school myself, I didn’t know what to expect from the students as I’d never met them prior to my work experience placement, but even from watching the rehearsal on Monday morning, I could see the confidence, enthusiasm and excitement from each of the children. Then, later that day I got the pleasure of watching the first ‘proper show’ when the students had their first audience. The levels of commitment and confidence increased to a maximum and the show was close to flawless. Each child was able to speak loudly and clearly, overcoming any hidden worries, performing amazingly for their opening show. The engagement of the audience further pushed them to go above and beyond throughout. It was so refreshing to see such a vibrant group of young people push themselves out of their comfort zone and get involved to bring the show to life- a show that was written by their own director, Mr Jones.

Furthermore, everything from the music to the lights and sounds was impeccable and flowed brilliantly during the show. Two year 6 students, Jack and Mehak, volunteered themselves to take control of the light and sound throughout the shows and safe to say it was completely seamless. Playing one of the most important roles in the show, they were able to make sure the sound was just right as well as change the lighting to fit every scene perfectly.

The videos of scenes used in the show was a unique spin on a typical school play. The effort and time put into creating each one of those scenes deserves high recognition, as each one was the best mix of funny, engaging and creative. It also meant that every Roald Dahl book in the show had its own moment. A fantastic addition to the show!

Overall, I was so impressed with the talent and courage of every one of the Year 6 students. Each one evidently put 110% into every line and every song and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them in their leaver’s performance. Teachers have commented that it’s ‘the best they’ve ever seen’.


Student Comment

I interviewed five of the Year 6 students, Aydin, Siraj, Judy, Ania and Ahad, to ask them about their performance and the process being some of the main characters in the show. They told me that they had done school plays in year 1 and 2, which meant that they weren’t as nervous for this end of school show. I asked them why they wanted to get involved in the show and they told me that it was ‘the last thing we do in school and it’s fun to get involved and get experience in acting’. I asked what the best part of being in the show was and they told me that ‘being sarcastic and funny’ is the best part and that there is ‘no competition because it is something everyone enjoys doing’. The students told me that if they get nervous, they know they have the support of the teachers, but ‘especially Mr Jones because he’s been with us so long, so it stops the nerves’. I also asked what Ahad and Ania enjoyed the most (what was their favourite part). Ahad said, ‘scene 3 where I jump onto Aahil in the Trunchbull scene’ and Ania said ‘being bossy to the witches as the grand high witch’.




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