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Belgrave achieve the 3rd Millennium ICT Award


Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s Academy is proud to announce that we have achieved the prestigious 3rd Millennium Learning Award from Naace – promoting the role of technology in advancing education. This is currently one of the top ICT awards available to schools.

We are the first and only school in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire to achieve this award which recognizes how well the school uses technology to improve the learning of the children. There are currently fewer than 50 primary schools in the UK who hold this award, which shows how difficult it is to achieve. We are due to receive the award at the Bett show in London on Friday 24th January.

Schools who undertake the Award have many interesting things going on when it comes to learning. For a start, schools are likely to be taking a more independent stand, more focused on the needs of their community; their pupils are likely to be more self-directed, their learning more personalised. Schools will have closer relationships with their communities and their pupils will be pushing the boundaries in the depth and scope of their learning.

In order to achieve the award, our school was asked to produce two videos to showcase the learning that takes place in school through the use of technology. The first video was a 5 minute Parent video, which highlights the way technology is used to support the learning in our school. The second video was a 10 minute commentary video to explain in more detail the way in which our technology supports the children’s learning.

The Parent video in particular is the video which highlights what our school offers and shows how technology is used within school. We would strongly encourage you to watch this video which helped us to achieve this prestigious award below:

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