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Sports 2018 Update

Girls Under 11 Football

Millie, Aaliyah, Delisha, Faith, Hafsa and Tamanna.

The girls performed in a competition at Stoke City Dome and gave a good account of themselves throughout the morning. The standard was very high and the girls did themselves proud keeping the scores down in a lot of the games considering that other teams had girls that play regular football at the weekends. Very well done to all of the girls.

X Country at Sandon

Aidehan, Zayn, Bradley, Millie, Faith, Ismail, Aman, Liam and Alfie.

A great effort on a tough afternoon for all the children at Sandon with the ground being very wet and the conditions very soft under foot. However all performed exceptionally well and worked hard to compete. There were some great results as well with Millie coming 15th!!!!! Out of around 50 girls and Zayn coming in the top 30 boys with Liam (Year 5!) and Aman not too far behind. Well done to all children. Roll on next week to the meeting at Discovery.

Dodgeball at OSSMA

Sufiyaan, Zayn, Aman, Ajmal, Ismail, Delisha, Millie, Faith, Suleman, Logan, Lucas, Fehzan, Adam, Subhaan and Eissa.

After a fantastic effort the boys and girls competed against Sandford Hill, Sutherland, St Augustine’s Gladstone, Parkhall and Eaton Park and won. They finished 1st and second and third in three different groups. A brilliant performance from all the children from year 6. Well done!!

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