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Year 6 at Powerleague

The boys went the tournament and performed very well in all games. We had two teams that were both slow to start in their opening games but after that began to work hard for one another and the results showed this. One team performed very well and managed to top their group going through to the semi finals where eventually they lost 1-0. The other team did extremely well in their second set of fixtures and finished joint top with the other two teams in their group. Logan was superb throughout and listened to instructions. Ajmal played very well as did Ismail who both played simple football when they got the ball. Sufiyaan made a few great saves which resulted in him hurting his finger and all the boys contributed to the success of both teams.

Well done!

Suleman, Paddy, Alfie, Logan, Ajmal, Ismail, Numair, Sufiyaan, Arslan, Fehzan, Rehaan A and Munib

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