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Eaton Park First League Match Boys

The year 5/6 football team competed in their first game at Eaton Park on Monday night and performed superbly considering we were two boys shy of our 9 a side that we needed. In both halves of football we lost but the effort put into the game was amazing and considering we were two man short the boys could not have worked harder.

Logan scored two goals that he took very well and were just reward for his constant running throughout the game. Well done to Talal as well for competing in such rushed circumstances and putting in great effort all the through the game.

Alfie in goal was the star performer and had a lot of his team thanking him for his saves and even some other parents from the opposition team making complimentary comments to him about his performance. Well done Alfie.

Team: Ajmal, Zayd, Danish, Alfie, Logan, Paddy and Talal.

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