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Poetry Week

Last week, Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s Academy had an exciting encounter from a Poet called Andy Tooze. Andy worked within each year group throughout the week to inspire and develop the children’s poetry skills. During each session, the children were given the opportunity to orally recite a poem and then write their own poems which were then shared with the rest of the school. As part of this Poetry week our gifted and talented children, from each year group, participated in question and answer time with Andy. They thought of some challenging questions and they were able to gain a deeper insight into the skills required for this profession. Accompanying Andy was an Illustrator called Martin Olsson who also engaged with the children, providing them with useful tips and advice on how to illustrate their own writing. Lots of fun was enjoyed by all and we hope to have another visit from them in the future! Also coming up, we will be recognising ‘National Storytelling Week’ within our school. All parents have been invited to come and share their favourite story with their child, at the end of the school day. Year 3 will be participating in a visit to the local library, where they will be immersed in the exciting world of books!

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