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Sainsbury School Games Mark Award

In 2014-15 Belgrave St Bartholomew’s Academy achieved the Bronze Sainsbury’s School Games Mark Award in P.E and sport provision across the school. Now in 2015-16 we have achieved the Silver Award for continued and improved progress with our ability to widen and provide inclusive games and competition for all of our children. The criteria looks at many different aspects of the P.E provision across the school from the amount of time given by the school to the children for P.E, to the lessons, competitions, extra curricular activities and trips that the school also offers. The school with the Principal and all staff work tirelessly to aid, help and allow the children to compete against other schools to continue to improve the schools profile, but also the children’s ability tested against others from the city. The variety and links that the school has via the children and staff is testament to all involved at the academy. Some of the children have even helped to lead P.E sessions and monitor younger children in lessons and this will provide them with a good standing for the future. Massive congratulations and well done to all involved.

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