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Year 5 & 6 Girls Hi 5 at Netball Tournament

The year 5 and 6 Hi 5 netball tournament at Fenton Manor on 12th January 2015 promised to be a humdinger as it was now to be a girls only tournament as well as the fact that 18 schools were entering from our neck of the woods! Two mini training sessions was all Mr. Locker and Miss Jones needed to whip these newbies into shape and what a magnificent job they did! Like the "accurate" weather reports from the weekend, the first game against St.Theresa's proved to be a rude awakening and gentle reminder to myself and the team that work needed to be done and a 3-0 loss was all but fair a reflection of the ensuing action. Final whistle gone, shaken athletes red cheeked and nervous returned to the bench and cries of "the pressure Mr. Hussain...there's too much pressure!" filled the nearby air. It was almost as chilling as the weather outside! Cue motivational team talk a la Mike Bassett England Manager (no hairdryer treatment necessary) and the following 3 games resulted in 1-0, 3-0 and 4-0 victories against some tough opposition and the now jolly girls left Miss Hussain and I suitably proud of their progression and passion, as well as superb sportsmanship and team spirit! That it needed a cheeky cornetto to cool them all down afterwards was symbolic of the heat they bought to the tournament and having finished runners up in our group, I can only envisage further success with this group of girls, if they stay together and practice... Well done girls.

Pupils: Chelsea, Anisa, Sameena, Anais, Sasha, Keira, Abi-Rose



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